Forward Innovation Center is set to transform Northeast Ohio with access to world-class, modern facilities to launch new, innovative projects.

East or west, we’ve got Cleveland covered

Dual locations offer the perfect environment for partners in need of modern and energy-efficient distribution and manufacturing space, positioned in as excellent employment environment.

FIC East, Walton Hills, OH

This game-changing opportunity offers for spec, build to suit and existing options, all with access to multiple interstates and with close proximity to several major cities. The user-driven site offers flexible design options, modern facilities, new utility services with heavy power, and more.

FIC West, Brook Park, OH

This ground-up construction will feature sustainable, clean energy and technology in every aspect. These modern facilities will provide high-clearance ceiling heights, access to heavy power and the most up-to-date safety systems. Its prime location offers access to land, water and air transport.

Built for your success

Our revitalized campuses are ideally located at the crossroads of several major transportation corridors. FIC West is less than 10 miles from Downtown Cleveland, while FIC East is within driving distance of several major cities..

Modern Amenities

Forward Innovation Center is Northeast Ohio’s newest manufacturing and distribution hub, prepared to transform the region and set companies up for optimal success. Its ground-up construction will feature state-of-the-art facilities with sustainable, clean energy and technology in every aspect.

At the heart of everything

As one of the most recession-resistant markets in the country, Cleveland is full of major corporations, educational institutes, a booming housing market, world-class healthcare options and one of the nation’s top theater districts.

Backed by business

Cleveland has always been home to hardworking professionals who take pride in their work and Forward Innovation Center will embrace those historic roots. The city attracts businesses of all sizes, including several Fortune 1000 Companies that proudly call this region home.


Businesses looking to expand, relocate or take root in this industrial and manufacturing heartland, should look no further than the Forward Innovation Center.

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